Christmas, one of the symbols of Christmas

by Trandafir Marius

There are many symbols of Christmas, each with its own story. One of the most beautiful, however, is Christmas. Also called Poinsettia , this flower manages to provide a splash of color in the winter landscape and is the subject of many myths and legends.

It goes without saying, therefore, that in the Christmas decoration of your house there must be one, two or more Christmases, either natural or artificial.

Why is Christmas a symbol of Christmas?

Legend has it that a poor young woman wanted to give a present to the baby Jesus at the Christmas service. Having nothing, he picked weeds from the side of the road, made a bouquet, and entered the Church with them. As soon as he placed the bouquet next to the Nativity scene, it blossomed, making some large, star-shaped red flowers.

What you need to know about Christmas?

Although it is a flower that blooms in winter, it is very sensitive to cold. That is why it must be stored in a warm place.

Not all Christmas flowers are red. Some have orange, green, pink, or white flowers, and both the size of the flowers and the size of the plant may differ. A Christmas tree can be between 0.6 and 4 meters high.

What is very interesting is that those big red flowers are not flowers, but colorful leaves. The real flowers are small and grow in the middle of the bunch of leaves.

Given the fact that this plant is pretentious, if you want to enjoy it during Christmas you can opt for an artificial variant. Artificial Christmases are more and more beautiful and better made.