Lagurus: delicate and natural flower that you can keep for life

by Trandafir Marius

The only unpleasant part of a bouquet of natural flowers is the fact that at some point, they become just a colorful part of the memories. No matter how beautiful, colorful, fragrant and imposing they are, the flowers wither and most often end up in the trash.

If you want to give flowers, but at the same time you want your gift to stay forever alive, one of the best options is Lagurus.

Lagurus is a flower that also bears the name of "rabbit's tail", which is imposed by its unique appearance. With a fluffy spike, similar to a rabbit's tail, it can enrich any bouquet, giving it a unique look.

The really attractive part of this flower is, in fact, that after it dries it remains just as attractive. For this reason, specialists in floral arrangements have started to use it more and more in bouquets and to turn it into a real element of attraction.

After it is dry, the Lagurus flower can be painted and is suitable for any type of bouquet, whether it is a wedding bouquet, a birthday bouquet or simply a bouquet offered to the person you are in love with.

Lagurus flowers can have any shade (they can be red, green, orange, purple) and are ideal in a combination with natural and fresh flowers, because after the latter wither, Lagurus keeps the freshness of the bouquet and can be kept indefinitely in a vase.